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3D Video Production Mapping,LED Video Wall Rental

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The world is your canvas, as wide as your imagination -- Projection mapping, today’s rapidly growing technology. Also known as a 3D video mapping, a mapping technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection.

The process starts by identifying a suitable location to act as the canvas for the 3D Projection Mapping. It could be an historic building, a temporary structure or sculpture, or any large surface. Projection mapping works best at night or in low-light environments, so that the projected image stands out brightly against its background. Likewise, it works best when the surface that’s being projected on is light or white in colour.

3D video-mapping is a technology which stands out amongst other marketing technique through the ability to animate stationary objects with 3D video. With the use of powerful projectors, along with a creative animation on the building face, that is centered on a buildings contours, shape and size, this technique creates an eye catching optical illusions. This is not only entertaining to the live crowd but provides a chance to create a viral sensation. That is why this marketing technique is a must have technology for marketer. It gives an audience an unforgettable message.

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