Wedding—rentals of lighting,projector,sound system,smoke machine
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rentals of lighting,projector,sound system,smoke machine


About smoke machine


The fog effect of the low smoke machine creates a scene of wonderland. The wedding event scene is the best choice for making. The continuous spraying of smoke can cover an area of 1000 feet in 5 minutes. All the smoke is under the knee and it is like a fairyland scene. Its the best scene when the newlyweds come in.

About lighting


- LED Moving Head

  Stage Lighting

- LED Moving Wash Lights

- LED Wash Lights

- Spot Lights

Different lighting effects create a fantastic visual effect for the entire wedding scene.

About sound system
Only a good live sound effect can bring the atmosphere to the best.

We will arrange the appropriate number of sound lights and their placement according to the size of the venue, making the scene the best audio and video feast.

We provide Multi-media & Video Production -  Sound system, lighting, photo shooting & video on site service for government events. For further enquiry for multi-media & video production, rental of projectors, screens, laptops, cameras, sound system, AV system, lightings, TV, led display wall, photo shooting, instant translation service, please contact us at: [email protected] 

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