Making Off - Mapping Sant Climent de Taüll
來源: RWC    作者: trhlhk    發布時間: 2014-12-02 13:07    8566 次瀏覽
The church of Sant Climent de Taüll, located in the province of Lleida, is one of the most representative icons of European Romanesque art, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Though his building has not undergone significant changes since the time

The video entitled Taull1123 in reference to the name of the church and the time that was devoted consists of three parts. In the first fragment paintings are found in the walls of the church, in the second part will discover paintings preserved in the museum at the end immerses the viewer in the recreation of the paintings of the central apse church. The recreation of the final mural was made from the original remains preserved because they provide a lot of information alone, both small details and large fragments of curtains, valances or the characters. The representation of the painting has been done digitally using the technique of Romanesque paintings from the application of base colors, shadows or profiles blacks and whites.

To achieve the goal of mapping and paintings show the viewer as 1123 were exactly in their place of origin, have been restored digitally preserved remains have recreated the lost parts and were also repainted the existing parts to make the audiovisual entertainment. Once all items have been reproduced digitally painting have matched the colors and tones with original paintings.