Mazda6 Light Moves
來源: TRHLHK    作者: TRHLHK    發布時間: 2013-06-03 23:09    8413 次瀏覽
Cinimod Studio created a memorable interactive lighting installation to mark the launch of the new Mazda 6. Using innovative software and hardware, the car’s sculptural form was explored and revealed by visitors. For every hand gesture a new intimate detail was exposed.

Delfina restaurant and bar, in the heart of the popular Bermondsey Street in London’s city centre, became host to this big reveal.  Opening its doors to the public, the essence of Mazda was presented in a way never experienced before.  The clean white gallery space provided a perfect canvas for a beautiful play with light against the car’s contours.  Cinimod Studio allowed the visitor to search the lines and form of the car’s body by designing a motion tracking system that allows individual exploration.

With the use of six moving head narrow beam lights controlled by an array of 3D and thermal cameras, each visitor is able to highlight spots of light on the car, discovering and highlighting details of the surface with small movements of the hand.  Via larger gestures, light sweeps across, illuminating and revealing a larger surface area.  As each visitor explores a different aspect of the car, the underlying philosophy of KODO form language is translated; depicting the feral curves of motion.  It is the ultimate exploration of a car’s reveal.