Spatial Audio Workstation 2 Upmix!
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Surround mixing like you’ve never done before
With IOSONO’s Spatial Audio Workstation 2 Upmix! plug-in for Steinberg's Nuendo 5 post-production software, spatial audio mixing has never been easier. It brings a new and exciting approach to the process of handling surround sound sessions. The SAW is the ideal tool for fast and easy creation of immersive surround sound experiences. It gives you more freedom and a faster workflow, an advantage that is highly appreciated by our customers working in audio post-production, digital cinema sound or other 3D audio and media production.

The Spatial Audio Workstation 2 Upmix! supports Windows XP (32/64 bit) and Windows 7 (32/64 bit) along with Steinberg's Nuendo 5 post-production software (32 bit version, Nuendo dongle required).

Top features:

  • Create any surround format from stereo content

    The new upmix feature recovers natural and realistic surround sound from stereo material which can then be fine tuned. Tune the room size and add or remove ambience with the Spatial Audio Workstation easily without using additional software.

  • Keep track of the acoustic scene in its entirety

    The Spatial Audio Workstation comes with a clear user interface that gives you quick and easy access to the functionalities it offers. In a single window, all tracks or events are shown as sound sources. This gives you a clear overview of the entire project and makes access to any track or event quick and easy.

  • More freedom and faster workflow

    The Spatial Audio Workstation offers a wide range of functionality for audio objects and motion paths, e.g. moving, rotating, scaling and grouping. Audio positioning in the surround field is extremely fast and audio events can be moved very precisely thanks to object based mixing.

  • Spatial mixing for all standard multichannel formats

    You can easily generate all standard multichannel formats from one IOSONO mix. Once a scene is generated, it is up- and downwards compatible with all standard multichannel formats or even stereo mixes. In that case, the rendering is performed in real-time directly in the Spatial Audio Workstation.

  • Seamless integration into your Nuendo session

    The Spatial Audio Workstation is designed for smooth integration into Nuendo, Steinberg’s advanced audio and post-production digital audio workstation. Audio events appear as selectable sound objects for dedicated Nuendo tracks.

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