LCD TV Rentals and Flat screen monitor rentals
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LCD TV Rentals and Flat screen monitor rentals 電視出租,監視器租借,42吋電視租借
Flat screen monitor rentals

Meeting Tomorrow offers a full range of flat screen monitor rental solutions for meetings and events including flat panel video displays with bright, brilliant screens that can connect to any computer, DVD player, cable/satellite box, or other video input device, including video cameras. We carry a wide selection from 32″ computer monitors for trade show booths to video walls that make a huge impact.

Make your meeting media experience come alive with the Philips 43" FULL HD Smart TV. Immersive sound technology brings every moment of your favorite shows and evant to life, while the UltraHD sharpness provides stunning resolution, brighter whites and blacker blacks. The 120 perfect motion rate means you won't miss a single movement.