we build and maintain websites for individuals and organisations. we are conversant with website usability and we are up to date with accessibility, guidelines, marketing, advertising, layout, content production and graphic design as it is expected of website designers.{we deal with business-to- business website design and also consumer target website design. We also consider the reputation of the owner or the business that the site is representing so as to make sure they are portrayed favorably,} with the full process of attaining the result it’s being designed for. We get our satisfaction in satisfying our clients.


Service Brief

Planning a live event is exhaustive - whether you are going to arrange a small private party or a large corporate conference, concert or theatrical event, you got to make sure the latest event technology and services are available as you only get one chance. Trhl Event is here to provide a complete solution from event planning to actual system setup and operation.

Our core service is in the areas of provide audio system, event lighting and many other event equipment rental and production services.

Owns professional equipmment to facilitate all types of live event video production in all scales. Our team of professionals will ensure your event’s success by working closely with you from planning to discussing every technical aspect of your event; if we undertake your project, you can be assured that it will be handled with uncompromised dedication, professionalism, and guarenteed technical excellence.

Better services do not always means higher price, just send us your event information, we guarantee a reasonable price for your project.